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WANT to LANDSCAPE your property, but UNSURE how to do it? Whether it's your FIRST HOME, or your DREAM HOME, here's4 STEPSyou can take to ensure that your NEW LANDSCAPE exceeds your needs and meets your DREAMS

1. Define Your Landscape needs

2. Consider Your Budget

3. Design Your Dream, and

4. Select A Landscape Contractor


Why are you landscaping?

To increase your property value? To enhance your enjoyment of your property? To save energy or water? To provide a safe environment for your children or pets? The first step toward a professional landscape is to clearly identify what purpose the landscape must serve.

  • What outdoor activities will your landscape support? Nurturing a personal green thumb in a rose garden? Entertaining boisterous children?
  • Do you have a desired style or theme? Are you seeking an English garden or a new age respite? Does your dream landscape match the architectural style of nearby buildings?
  • What features do you desire? Play areas, water efficiency, an outdoor kitchen, ponds and waterfalls?
  • What materials are best? Do you like the granite look, roaring water or subdued floral elegance?


Honestly consider the amount of money available to meet your needs. The cost of your project will varying, depending on:
  • The overall size of the area to be landscaped,
  • The features to be included,
  • The state of the current terrain, and
  • The choices you make regarding materials, details and level of craftsmanship

Your Choices Include:

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