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Drought Hardy Plants - Page 1 

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many varieties, tree or shrub form, differ widely in foliage and growth behavior, wind tolerable, attract birds.


commonly known as Kangaroo Paw, dark green sword-like foliage, blooms late spring to fall, tubular flowers curved at tips like kangaroo paws, attract hummingbirds.


commonly know as Cape Mallow, quick growing shrub, rounded freely branching foliage, vast producing hollyhock-like flowers during mild weather.

bougainvillea   Bougainvillea

many varieties,   vine or shrub form, medium size green or variegated   leaves with colorful bracts and thorny stems, differ in vigor and growth habit.

callistemon   Callistemon

commonly known as Bottle Brush, tree or shrub form, narrow long leaves with colorful flowers in dense, bristle-like spikes, fast growing, easy to train.

carex   Carex

commonly known as Sedge, many varieties, grass-like, clumping plants grown for foliage effects.

ceanothus   Ceanothus

commonly know as Wild Lilac, many varieties, shrub or groundcover, most native to California, flowers in spring, differ in soil preference, typically short lifespan of 5-10 years.

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