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Most palms are sold in 5 gallon to 48" boxes and some on a trunk foot basis.

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Palm Botanical Name
Common Name
1Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana, multi and singleKing Palm
2Arecastrum/Syagrus Romanzoffianum/Cocos PlumosaQueen Palm
3Beaucarnea Recurvata Ponytail Palm, Bottle Palm
4Brahea Armata Mexican Blue Palm
5Butia Capitata Pindo Palm
6Caryota Multi Clustered Fishtail Palm
7Chamadorea Elegans Parlour Palm, Neanthe Bella
8Chamaerops Humilis, multi and singleMediterranean Fan Palm
9Cycas Rovoluta, multi and singleSago Palm
10Dypsis Decipiens Manambe Palm
11Livistona Chinensis Chinese Fountain Palm
12Phoenix Roebelenii, multi and singlePygmy Date Palm
13Rhapis Exalt Lady Palm
14Trachycarpus Furtunei Chamaeorps ExcelsaWindmill Palm
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